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Attila Menyhárd


ELTE Faculty of Law 350th Anniversary Conference Series – Editorial to the Symposium Section


Our Faculty celebrated the 350th anniversary of its establishment on the 23rd February 2017. This anniversary was a landmark in the history of our Faculty, which provided us with the opportunity to remember our roots, to evaluate our achievements and to look into the future. The more than three-and-a-half centuries behind us speak about a past we are proud of. Not because the past and the history are valuable in themselves, but because we survived and made progress throughout the storms of centuries due to our commitment to scientific quality, social responsibility, moral principles, our endeavours to increase the level of education and to build a strong community. Our institution proved its ability to adapt to the changing social and economic environment and renewal. Values such as professional humility, tolerance, respect, openness and solidarity were and are the key to our success. It is also our duty today to keep such values, because we have to build our future on these pillars, too. As the leading law faculty in Hungary, we have a strong consciousness of our responsibility for the education of lawyers in the whole nation. The success of this celebration year could also give us faith and inspiration to remain a research centre for legal studies, recognised as such in Europe, and to educate lawyers with a strong sense of professional responsibility and the highest level of professional skills and knowledge, who are also competitive in an international environment.

This celebration was also a festival of science. We celebrated with a series of conferences that embraced the whole range of legal science. As there is no feast without friends, we also invited colleagues from all of the law faculties and legal research centres in the country. These conferences gave a picture of the contemporary legal problems in which we are engaged, as well as the results we have achieved. They reflect the past as well as the future. We decided to select some of the contributions to the conferences of this anniversary year for the ELTE Law Journal in order to reflect the professional output that was presented there. The selected contributions can be read in the present and the next issue of the ELTE Law Journal.


Attila Menyhárd

Former Dean of the Faculty of Law

ELTE Eötvös Loránd University

Professor and Head of Department of Civil Law

Editor of the ELTE Law Journal