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Miklós Király – Tamás Szabados


Continuity and New Perspectives – Editorial


The first issue of the ELTE Law Journal was published in 2013. Since then, the journal has been through its childhood and reached the age of maturity. Readers could read through fourteen issues of the journal and the ELTE Law Journal became one of the leading English-language journals in Hungary. Everybody can have access to all issues and all articles free of charge through the journal website. The ELTE Law Journal is linked to a Hungarian higher education institution, the Faculty of Law of ELTE Eötvös Loránd University, but it has been characterised since its foundation by its strong international vision. The journal has attracted a worldwide readership and authorship. Excellent legal scholars contributed to the journal on various topics and presented the current international, European and domestic developments. At the same time, the journal also attracted authors from beyond academia who gave insights to the law in action. The ELTE Law Journal has provided a forum to publish the outcomes of individual studies, those of joint research projects and of findings presented at international conferences.

This issue marks one change. The ELTE Law Journal has arrived at a new chapter. The former editor-in-chief, Professor Ádám Fuglinszky has handed over to Tamás Szabados, associate professor of the Faculty of Law of ELTE Eötvös Loránd University. Notwithstanding this personnel change, other things will not alter: the endeavour for quality and the international and comparative focus of the journal. The new editor-in-chief is committed to preserving these values. In this vein, the Editorial Board continues to welcome submissions from authors of high-quality articles on any topic, focusing on international, European law, comparative law and legal theory, that can raise the interest of the international academic community.

The Editorial Board aims to continue to increase the international reputation of the ELTE Law Journal. As a new initiative, the Editorial Board will regularly announce calls for articles on various topical issues with the aim of involving more and more potential authors and will consider the publication of special thematic issues. Of course, this will not exclude submissions on other current topics.

This editorial also provides an opportunity for the Chair of the Editorial Board to thank the former editor-in-chief for his work on behalf of the Editorial Board and the Faculty of Law of ELTE Eötvös Loránd University. Ádám Fuglinszky played a significant role in launching the journal and his contribution has been indispensable to running the journal over the last seven years and ensuring a smooth transition to the new editor-in-chief.


Miklós Király

Tamás Szabados

Chair of the Editorial Board